Privacy Policy

A straightforward explanation of how the GTHR application uses your data to provide the described service.

Collected Information

Currently, GTHR uses your Facebook account as the main mechanism for authentication and friend relationships. When the application is first started GTHR will ask you to authenticate your current Facebook ID which is used to create an account in our system. This information is not shared. During the account creation process the application will download a list of your Facebook friends to GTHR back end servers. This information will only be used by the GTHR systems to link events to users in the same location. At no time will GTHR contact your friends using their credentials for marketing purposes.

! Every time the GTHR application is started we update the GEO location of the current device. GTHR will only keep the last location of the device and does not store any history of GEO locations. GEO location may be used with some ad networks, but at no time does GTHR share any personal information with these networks.

! Images distributed through our system will be shared with Facebook friends and friends of friends that happen to be in the vicinity of an event. While the application keeps images taken with the GTHR application restricted to individuals that happen to be physically at the location, GTHR does not guarantee that these images will not be made public by your friends or friends of friends and you should consider these images as public. However, GTHR will never use any of the images distributed through the system for any purpose. Images removed from an event by the user, friends, or friends of friends are removed forever and there is no recovery available. The user that takes the original will have a copy of the original picture in their photo gallery for later use if desired.

Third Parties

! GTHR philosophy is simple, GTHR will not sell any private or unique information about users. GTHR does have relationships with advertising networks, but GTHR will always do whatever is possible to keep user data anonymous. Again, at no time will image information ever be shared with advertising platforms. GTHR infrastructure takes advantage of current cloud architecture and does host images and information through third parties. GTHR secures the environments to the best of the company’s abilities to reduce access of the distributed components.

You Account

! At any point within the application the user will be able to delete images from an event stream, removing the images for all users in the event. If you no longer want the account to be in the system send an email to to remove the account from our servers. International ! Users outside the US: Information provided to GTHR will be sent to processing servers in the United State or to other countries where GTHR infrastructure may be distributed, by using GTHR you agree to the terms listed in this privacy policy.


! Our application is not intended for users under the age of 13. This is in line with Facebook's privacy policy, which also states that no one under the age of 13 shall use their platform. If notified that a user is under the age of 13, GTHR will delete the user from the system. Changes ! Any major changes to the privacy policy will be posted through the GTHR application. By continuing to use the GTHR application after the notice you are in accordance with the revised policy. More Info ! You may contact GTHR at if you have more questions about the privacy policy.